Monday, April 22, 2013

it's been a busy weekend

3 batches of soap, one painted baby's room, one birthday celebration, grocery shopping, curtain/blind shopping, and one very bad soap making fail later ...

So I made soap this weekend, some for Bean (baby), Paul, and me:

Paul keeps saying that he's the least important person in the house, soon to slip another notch down the Totem pole,  especially because I never make anything for him. The irony of it is, he's not wrong (no, not about the least important status, but the crafting thing is true). I'm not quite sure why this is. I always mean to make things for him. I buy the supplies but just never get around to it. I have fabric for a scarf that I forgot about. I have essential oil for soap that I never got around to making.

Well, hopefully he'll be happy with his soap. I'm a little worried that he's not going to like the scent because it's very earthy (manly, but earthy), so we'll see how he likes it once it's finished curing.

Did I mention that soap takes 3-6 weeks to cure? Yeah, it does. So he's going to have to feel ignored for a little longer while the soap ages.

I also made soap for me (top right) and soap for Bean. I started the soap making project for Baby soap and since I was on a role once I started making Paul's soap, I figured I'd make some for me with a girly scent.

Here's Bean's soap:

I totally mucked up the first batch I tried. Don't ask. I wasn't sure about something, googled it and didn't read the fine print (ie: Potassium Hydroxide is for liquid soap, Sodium Hydroxide is for hard soap... ooops).  I spent hours trying to recoup the first batch into liquid soap but eventually had to concede defeat.

The second batch, made properly, worked like a charm and was WAY easier than the first go round (much less messy too). I'm stoked to see how this soap works out post curing stage. It's meant to be super mild, rich and soothing for a baby. If all goes well, the soap will actually cost us a lot less than the Johnson and Johnson stuff (which I wouldn't use cause it's toxic) and the eco stuff that just kills my pocket book!

Yay for a cheap, eco baby option!

I also made baby Talc from cornstarch (cause regular Talc is uber toxic, like asbestos).

In other news, last weekend Paul moved his office down to the basement:

Thus completing phase one of Project Man Cave. Of course, now that he's down there, there are days when I feel like I never see him!

This weekend we painted Bean's room:

We opted to use the same light grey colour we have in our living room so that we can really add tons of pops of colours. I sort of feel like grey has become the new tan neutral, which makes me worry about the potential blahness of this colour in a baby room. But given the fact that I have turquoise, brown, orange, and yellow to add into the room still, I'm sure the neutrality of the walls will end up being a good thing.

What else? Oh, we celebrated my brother in laws birthday, went looking at blinds vs curtains, and all the other regular weekend chores.

Phew... all I can say is that I'm exhausted and that Bean, with his growing and stretching, keeps reminding me that all this activity (standing) is harder than it feels like it should be!

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