Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life: April continued

April has been a busy month, some of which you're already familiar with because I've been blogging more often lately.

I'm trying to find a balance between baby stuff and the rest of life, but sometimes I find that hard. Honestly, that freaks me out a bit because I don't want to be that kind of parent. But bare with me here... it's a work in progress...

April 8th to 14th:

One of the things that I'm really trying to work on is getting out with friends when I have a chance because I know that soon this will become a lot harder. So this week there were lots of dinners out ( 2 out and 1 at our place). I'm terrible at taking photos when I'm out with friends. I always feel invasive when doing it, but I know it's something I need to work on in order to have photos that reflect my day to day life a bit better.

Otherwise it was a quiet week. I sold my tires on Kijiji, we had a snowstorm then sunshine, Paul went to Great Big Sea, and we started prepping the baby's room.

Paul of course, put on a big show of crocodile tears about his exile to the basement, but we all know it's all for naught... he's excited to claim his man cave, even in its unpolished state!

I blurred out a text card for the first time because it was a story that I wanted to record but not to share with the rest of the world. Shocking I know, Marya actually has some stories that she keeps to herself. Who knew?

April 15 to 21:

This week I spent a lot of time making soap. I wrote about here, so I won't rehash old news. Paul settled into his new space (he has since moved the lights again because he didn't like the look of them). Otherwise, it was a quiet week for us.

I worked late on Tuesday to give a presentation. I've been struggling with breathing since Nov, yay! But this presentation sort of drove home the fact that I don't think I can do an hour long presentation alone anymore. I was burnt out by the end of it. Weird the ways pregnancy affects me, ways that I least expected. You know?

We celebrated David's birthday this week and I found out that I don't have gestational diabetes. I was worried that I might, but yay, no!

April 22 to :

The last week of the month has been busy too. It's a theme, what can I say.

We did a lot of cooking (correction, Paul did a lot of cooking) and trying out new recipes: Chipotle Macaroni and Taco Salad bowls. The Macaroni was ok. A bit bland to be honest. But we made a larger batch and froze some of it for when the baby arrives. Hopefully it won't get freezer burn between now and then.

The Taco bowls were fun and Paul totally loved making them. 

I'm starting to get quite large these days, but as my friend H pointed out, my belly is cute/adorable, not fat. I love her for saying that because honestly as much as I know it's not fat, it's still a challenge to feel good about yourself as you get larger, no matter how much you love the process!

Also went to see a play with V: Gold Mountain.

It was a nice play. Not amazing in terms of the story line but honestly, the simplicity of the visuals was astounding. The use of props, lighting, projector, etc was simple but very evocative. I'm not a huge theatre goer but it was some of the best use of props I've seen.

And finally, we celebrated my youngest nephew's birthday. Paul and I bought him a Magic Kit that we've been sitting on for about 6 weeks now. We saw it and immediately thought it'd be something he'd like. It's unfortunate that we never thought of it earlier cause it seems like the other nephew was also very into it.

I love it when we manage to get them something that they actually enjoy. We don't buy toys that often because it seems like they have tons of toys, so it's nice when we can get it right.

Otherwise, we had J, L, and C over for dinner Sunday night. It was the first time they'd been here. Last week we had R and S over, and it was their first time here too. Slowly but surely, we'll make the rounds and have everyone over eventually.

And that was April. Here comes May...

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