Thursday, April 11, 2013

project life: march 2013

March started off with us heading up to Tremblant on Saturday night. Pictures of said adventure have already been shared and commented on, so I'll spare you the repeated tales.

 Of course, there is one story that I haven't shared:

Once we knew that Bean was healthy, no Down's Syndrome or major health issues, we felt more comfortable moving ahead and making baby decisions. One of our big decisions was who we'd ask to be Godparents and by extension, Guardians to Bean should anything happen to us.

On our trip up to Tremblant, we asked Mark and Katie if they'd be Bean's Godparents. Obviously they said yes or I wouldn't be sharing this story! Yay, one more baby thing down, only another million to go.

In other news, we went to see a Roller Derby rally. I'd always wanted to see a live show. I'm glad I went, but it wasn't what I expected it to be. I guess I was a little disappointed but it was interesting. I didn't really understand how points were scored but I caught on to the general premise fairly quickly.

On some level I thought it would be more active or violent to watch. I'm sure that from the perspective of the girls in the rally, it was plenty active and violent, but from a spectator perspective, watching girls roller skate around a small rink wasn't super thrilling. That said, I guess on some level I feel that way about any sport.

We watched the first 2 rallies but left before the 3rd because by that point we'd seen all three teams. To be fair, the best parts were when the teams started really trying to rally up towards the end of their rallies.

Anyways, like I said, I'm glad I went. Not sure if I'd go again but check if off the life list...

In other news, we welcomed Spring with more snow. This is one of the things that always just kills me about March in Montreal.

I know that Winter and the snow always goes until early April, but this just seems so wrong to me on so many levels. I know that I chose to move to this part of the world but some days I can't help but wonder what the hell I was thinking!

Usually I think this most often when I'm staring at 3 feet of snow in March!

We actually headed to Tremblant again, later in the month. This time Paul went skiing. It was a beautiful day for it in the morning, not so much later on. Meanwhile I stayed at the chalet and did some art journaling. And even more exciting... felt Bean move for the first time.

I totally had to call Mom and share:

Now I know this isn't all that exciting for Moms who have had a kid or two, but the first time it happens is pretty amazing. I totally made Paul sit and watch because I wanted him to experience the awesomeness of the moment.

He was a bit reluctant (or less than excited) from my rather ecstatic point of view. That said, ever since Bean has started really moving more, he's been more involved, so that makes me happy! I guess from the father's perspective, the whole pregnancy is a bit of a foreign, outsider experience. I'm glad that we're moving into a phase that he can start enjoying, even if it means that I'm starting to get a lot bigger and more cumbersome!

Case in point:

Certain outfits really accentuate my belly more than others and I'll be honest, I've probably been wearing more fitted clothing lately because I am fascinated with my belly. The drawback of course is that every now and again, there is someone who comes along and lets me know that I'm quite large.

My answer... well, you guess what it feels like it should be.

Ultimately, I wasn't exactly tiny before getting pregnant and I've seen plenty of women who much less advanced that I am but who are much larger than I am. I think it's all relative to the individual woman. Especially when I've noticed that some days I carry higher, which makes me look bigger and some days I carry lower, which makes me look smaller.

The vain part of me thinks about only taking pictures on low carrying days, but honestly the higher carrying days are more common than the lower ones... [insert big sigh]. Oh well, such is life. Besides, why bother fighting it when I know that I'm only going to grow exponentially in the next three months?

Ending off the month: Easter festivities with Paul's family. From Easter bonnet making for the boys with David (see our lovely handy-work above... hey, we didn't design said hats, we just glued them together), to meeting our Doula together for our first appointment, to finishing my root canal, to over-indulding
for Easter lunch...

Oh yeah, did I mention the root canal? Yeah. Another one. Apparently being preggers means that your health issues surface, mine of course being my teeth. Yeah, good times. Fingers crossed that my teeth will start happy and healthy for the next 4 months (well obviously longer, but I'll settle for 4 months if that's the way it's got to be).

I've also found out that I have 3 well developed fibroids in my uterus, which at this point in time are not an issue but have to be watched. If they grow too much, it may mean that I'm facing a C-Section. Sylvia, our Doula, mentioned that acupuncture can potentially help. At this point in time, it's not in our budget (March and April have been rough financially) but it's definitely something I want to look into in May if we can swing it. Interesting to note, when I spoke to my Doctor about it in relation to the issues I'd been having over the past 2 years, she agreed that given their size, they might be the reason why I was having problems. Ironic isn't it? I would have never known that I had them if it weren't for my pregnancy ultrasound, but at the same time, they potentially made getting pregnant that much more complicated.

Funny how it all works out...

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