Monday, April 8, 2013

project life: the rest of february

There is only 1 week left in February that I didn't share, here it is:

Some weeks I really don't have much to add into the album. It sort of surprises me because I'm actually quite busy but what can I say... maybe I'm taking less photos? Whatever the answer is, I see this album shaping up to being much smaller than last year's was. But I'm all good with that. I'm not one of those Project Lifers who feels compelled to take a photo a day or complete a 2 page layout every week. In fact, even though this year I intend to see the album through on a weekly basis, I foresee myself switching to a monthly format in the future because I honestly dislike feeling burdened to fill an entire week when I just might not have that much to say...

I think that for the most part I've actually written most of the stories from this time period. Finishing the baby quilt, shopping for curtains (we still haven't bought anything yet), and general life stuff. But I'm not sure if I shared this little quirky Paul story or not:

The irony behind this little tale is that he's right, I was vastly amused by his antics. What can I say, Paul amuses me. This is just another example of his offbeat humour and random way of seeing the world.

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