Wednesday, April 10, 2013

random pregnancy fact #190

Good news! 

Even though I am starting to feel very large, see photo evidence below:

As of today (time of posting this) I am officially in week 27, which means that I am either
finishing my last week of the 2nd trimester or starting my first week of the 3rd trimester,
depending on the book/website you read. Either way, I'm in the final stretch. Only 13 weeks
to go and only 10.5 weeks of work left for yours truly. How crazy is that? I know right?

My gestational diabetes test came back negative. Woo hoo! Now I don't have to give up white pasta and frozen yogurt. I'm so happy I could dance! That's right...

Pregnancy without alcohol, pasta, and frozen yogurt = a cruel, cruel joke.

Seriously! It's just wrong to tell a pregnant lady, with all of her raging hormones and changing body that she can't drink. Saying no to carbs and sugar would just add insult to an already unfair situation. I'm just saying!

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