Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Pregnancy Fact #203

As of today I am 29 weeks. Soon I'll be in the single digits! Eek!
Bean is well on his way to being a schiezer, just like his Dad.

Why you ask? Quite simply because he refuses to cooperate and be nice to people around him.

For example, the other day my nephew was curious about him and wanted to feel him. Do you think that Bean would be nice to his cousin and offer up a few kicks for him to feel?

Hells no.

The same goes for his Dad.

In fact, almost any time that Paul tries to feel the baby, who was kicking up a storm when he came over for a feel, Bean stops and suddenly becomes still.

Of course, when no one is around, he's taken to these big thud like kicks/movements that leave my belly jumping. 

But does he leave me with the joy and opportunity to share the fun with others?


Just like his Dad, schiezerly already!

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