Friday, May 24, 2013

Around Here: Recent Nature Adventures

We live in an area that is a bit of a cross between the burbs and the country. We have nurseries (plants) about 2 blocks away, the water 2 blocks away, and a random field just behind us.

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?

Quite simply, it has to do with the fact that when I look out my back window I see this:

Which means that on Tuesday morning, Paul woke me up to tell me that we had a deer running in the backyard (or the space beyond the fence that feels like our backyard cause we haven't put up our fence yet).

Don't let her cuteness fool you.
And Wednesday morning, when Paul came to say goodbye, I was cussing a stupid bird that wouldn't shut up. I told Paul "He keeps repeating the same tune over and over and over again" to which Paul laughed and said, "You've been counting?" I groaned and said yes. His response: "Well you wanted to live in nature, I was all set to live smack in the middle of the city with traffic." And then he went to the window and shushed the bird.

The irony of it was.... it worked for 2 minutes. And then he started again. Bastard. Between our bloody Siamese cat (who mewls in the morning for food, water, outside or just to be a bitch cause she can) and now over eager birds at 5am... I'm seriously rethinking this nature thing.....

But then again, there are perks....

Like having ice cream in the park by the water. Well... it's a perk if you're Paul. Not so much if you're Marya and you have a swarm of mosquitoes hovering around you. 20 minutes and 2 bites later... well at least the view was pretty....

But there are other perks.... I swear....

I'm growing a garden! From seedlings! I suppose I could have done this in the city on my balcony, but I never did, so let's call it a country/burb bonus.

Hey, I got to have something, right?  And let's not forget that I have lightening bugs (not now, but I will, later in the season... and they're still pretty damn exciting to me)!

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