Friday, May 3, 2013

One Little Word Updates

This year I wanted story to be the word that I focused on, and I have been, but I haven't been great about sharing it. Ironic, isn't it?

Yeah, yeah...

In February we were prompted to make a collage, which I did but in an extra large format that wouldn't fit into my album, so I made this to document the process in said album:

March's prompt was a little less flashy and I honestly wasn't that interested in it, so I put it off and did it retroactively instead of pursuing it through the month. It looks like this:

April was more visually interesting, using a photo collage and words that capture my story right now:

Some of the elements are directly linked to my monthly goals, some are just stories that happened during this month (or in March).

I wanted to do some new things before Bean arrives, some of them have included:

  • Seeing Rollerderby
  • Making soap at home (which put me out of my comfort zone because I was nervous about doing it)
  • Seeing a play
  •  and various other little things

Overall, despite falling off the bandwagon in March and most of April, I still managed to make story a part of my daily life. Sweet!

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