Wednesday, May 22, 2013

working on the baby's room

With 7 weeks to go (oh my god), we're finally getting stuff done in the baby's room.

I took some pictures of the room to share (cause I know you're all curious)!

We bought plain dark brown curtains that block out the light when closed and I added patchwork materials on the bottom that match with the baby's comforter.

I need a few more small stuffed animals to add to the top shelf (I've already got the books)

So far we've been incredibly blessed and have managed to acquire most nursery items second hand from family and friends. Given how quickly baby stuff adds up, this is a huge bonus, especially for an eco mama like me who really wants to minimize our carbon footprint whenever possible.

I covered the lampshade with matching fabric. It's not perfect but it'll do.

We did splurge on some cheap Ikea frames, photos, and shelves (don't get me started on how much, particularly as a pregnant lady, I loath shopping in Ikea). We're going to use the shelves to put up some books and stuffed animals and we have 5 mini frames with colourful animal prints to go on the other walls. The photos are actually a great score because they help bring in some of our mismatched elements (ie, non owl elements) into the room (monkeys and sheep).

 I'd like to find a nice rug to add to the center of the room, but so far we haven't found anything that really fits and doesn't cost a fortune. But we'll keep looking.

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