Wednesday, June 5, 2013

adventures in homemade tortillas

I made tortillas the other day.

I know, random. But it was cool and surprisingly easy to do.

First, I used this dough recipe and made the pre-requisite little dough balls to roll out for the tortillas.

Rolled out the dough (mine aren't anywhere near as perfect as theirs are but that's ok):

Fried them (with next to nothing in the way of oil. I literally rubbed a bit of oil with paper towel onto the pan):

It was kind of fun to watch them bubble up! I dug it. If you scroll to the top of this post, you'll see the finished collection of tortillas.

I made 12, thinking that it would be more than enough. Turns out I should have made a second batch if I wanted any for the freezer. Paul and I ate them for dinner that night (not all of them) and found them a bit heavier than your average tortilla. I suspect that rolling them out more would help with this, but then I'd have been cursing my inability to get them off the counter without tearing them.

In the battle between sanity and lightness: Sanity wins, they'll stay heavy!

I was really surprised by how easy these are and am hoping to try my hand at them again so that I can make a big batch and freeze them. The goal: moving away from overly processed foods and maximizing my deep freezer for this purpose. We'll see how much I get done before Bean arrives. I'm sure once he's here I'll be on cooking hiatus for while.

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