Friday, June 7, 2013

diy baby sewing project recap

So I was perusing my baby sewing crafts the other morning and thought I'd share the things I've created for Bean so far (I actually thought I'd made more, but I guess not. It just feels like it).

Fun bibs:

No boring bibs for my son, no sirree! I want bibs with attitude. Oh yeah baby! I suspect that one day I will probably regret instilling so much attitude into Bean from such a young age, but for now I'm just going to embrace it.

Best thing about these bibs? That I finally learned how to use the zigzag stitch in "serger" mode. Yeah. Again with the Marya not really reading the instructions properly and winging it mode. Necessity is the best of all teachers. That said, knowing this feature would have meant that I did the quilt VERY differently!

Oh well. C'est la vie!

Crib sheets:

Look Mom, they actually fit. I did it right! And learned how to sew elastic, which is easier than I thought it would be. Which means that just maybe, one day in the not so distant future, I might brave zipper sewing.

Actually sewing sheets was really easy. If fabric wasn't so costly I think it'd be something that I'd do for our own bed. But no can do, buying sheets at Winners is still cheaper than making Queen sized sheets (or the hassle of trying to get fabric that width). Ironically this is not the case for baby sheets. Odd but true. This is actually one of those places where it is cheaper to DIY it.

The Baby Quilt:

I still have to go back and trim the threads, but I'll get to it soon enough. I only have less than 2 weeks of work left, I'm sure once mat leave kicks in I'll get all the pesky odds and ends done.

The quilt didn't turn out exactly as I'd envisioned, but then again, when do any of my crafting projects? I'm good with that. I used to never do anything because the perfection beast would get in the way. I've since learned to accept that perfection means made with love, not perfectly made.

Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Next up (tmi alert) nipple pads:

Yeah, apparently I'm going to leak cause that's what boobs do when you breastfeed. Another fun pregnancy thing to deal with (just on the other end of the delivery room). Yay! But that's ok, I have like 12 pairs of these suckers now (now that I've learned my fancy "serging" technique).

Burp cloths:

Made from old towels and pillow cases. I only made 4 and bought 2 more. I might need more, not sure. I'll look into it during mat leave I guess.

And as blogged about previously, travel change mat with upcycled vinyl:

So that's what I've sewn so far. It seems like less (as I mentioned) but honestly, it's more sewing than I've done in a long time. And I'm ever so thankful that Mom bought me that sewing machine ages ago. It's really getting a run for it's money these days.

I find that I enjoy sewing quite a bit because I creating smaller projects that get done rather quickly. The insta-gratification side of my nature appreciates being able to whip up things in a day or two. My sewing skills are still rough, but they are getting better. I figure by the time Bean is a teen, I should have it down!

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