Tuesday, June 4, 2013

diy travel diaper change mat with upcycled packaging

This weekend Paul and I bought a change pad for our change table. I know, exciting right?

Yeah, I know you dig it! Cause really, who wouldn't?

Ok, now that you've humoured me, you're still left asking, "Why the hell is she telling me this?" Well, because of the packaging that came with said pad. See, I loath wasting plastic. If I can avoid plastic, I try to. And this pad came in a huge thick vinyl/plastic wrapper.


I felt like this was an eco challenge: what could I made that would use up said plastic?

I figured that the vinyl had to be useful for some baby related endeavour, you know? Especially something baby changing related (cause god only knows how many horror stories people like to tell new parents about diaper changing adventures. I swear I will NOT be one of those parents who talk about poop all the time. I swear. And if I break said promise, please feel free to slap me. I give you full permission).

So in typical Marya fashion, I turned to pinterest and compiled a bunch of options and instructions. None of which I followed, I might add, because I'm a big believer in winging it (much to Paul's chagrin). I suppose he does have a point when he makes a case for me improving my mad, chaotic sewing skills (or any general crafting or cooking skills) when he suggests actually following the instructions to a t... but .... well.... that just seems too stifling in terms of creativity).

So I grabbed some odds and ends of fabric and started cutting and pinning:

I'm pretty sure the measurements are something like 26 x 16 inches? Roughly. I cut things to fit the general width of the vinyl. Online they recommended something else, but like I said...

Once I started sewing, I quickly realized that I needed to flip the fabric vinyl side down because sewing machine feet don't work well with vinyl. Kind of sticky and not so much with the flow...

Then there was the other side (the pretty side).  As you can see there are a few funky things going on with my sewing (again with the instructions, I know...)

Of note:

I winged it with the fabric and realized that I didn't have enough of the fat quarter to match the other side, so I patchworked it. I like it personally but I'm not so picky about perfection, so...

I sewed in some ribbons on one end to help roll it up later. I probably should have though a bit more about the mathematical placement of said ribbons because they present a challenge when trying to fold into a smaller square. But again, I'm a fly by the seat of your pants kind of sewer, so it works for me.

Just don't pay attention to the uneven placement... they were measured but then I kind of sewed over them and had to pull them through the hole used to flip the fabric right side out. That might not make sense to non-sewers, but I'm sure people who are sewing are laughing at my hodge podge sewing stylings! Yeah, I know... But it works and it won't fall apart any time soon.

In the end it folds up like this to go into a diaper bag:

All in all, I used:

2 pieces of fabric (or rather, 1 patchwork and 1 full piece) 26x16
1 piece of vinyl

Everything came from my stash and made use of odds and ends that I had about the house. Slowly but surely I am working my way through a rather sizable amount of my horde on baby related projects, which rocks!

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