Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Project Life: May

The first week of May:

Highlights: Chatting with Kev about his new digs in Toronto, going to an art museum, picking up baby stuff from Paul's friend. 

Second week of May:

Planting seedlings, Paul working on his nephew's Communion gift, making fun baby bibs!

Week 3:

Taking time out for an us night: Thai and then ice in the park along the river. Nice! Hanging stuff in the nursery after Ikea shopping.

And then a big family shindig for Catholic Communion (suffice to say this is much more elaborate a rite than my Anglican communion was. It was a big surprise for me actually):


Week four:

Met with our doula, could reveal Paul's gift, out for a veggie meal with V... just relaxing really.

And week 5, which was busy:

 All of which, I'm pretty sure I've blogged about recently: cooking, walking, heat, baby, etc, etc, etc.

Since downloading the Midnight Project Life kit I've found the project a lot easier and more uniform but have definitely found myself a lot less creative with embellishments. I need to get back on track with that so that I can make my way through my stash! (I have so much leftover from being a monthly Studio Calico subscriber... I stopped because I was just getting overwhelmed with product).

So that was May, in a nutshell.

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