Monday, June 3, 2013

random pregnancy fact #243

First of all: 37 days to go.

Yeah, I'm not starting to freak out or anything with that little update. No, not at all. I'm totally zen about it.


If you believe that... well...


Holy Crap, I'm big these days!

And with bigness comes even more breathing problems. I thought I was uncomfortable before in terms of breathing? Yeah, baby's just pulled the rug out from under my feet and taught me a new lesson in humility.

Did I mention that I really dig the lessons that come with body/baby? Yeah. They're my fav!

Sarcasm... a pregnant lady's mode of self-preservation!

So Friday it was about 38 C with humidity. I was at a conference with air conditioning, everyone else was freezing, and I was still sweating like a pig. Nice. And then there were the random moments of slight movement that would cause me to gasp for breath.

Good times.

On a bright note though: Paul took me shopping so we could buy him his birthday present and pick up a few baby goodies on sale just so that I could spend some time in air conditioning. Cause you know, sometimes he can be really considerate that way. I don't admit it often, but he's a pretty damn fine husband. Shhh, don't tell him though cause that will totally go to his head!

Point of this post? Breathing, pregnancy, and humidity don't mix! Damn this would be a good time for a gin and tonic. I'm just saying...

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