Thursday, June 27, 2013

recent adventures in vegetarian cooking, inspired by pinterest

Since I've been home and have spent far too much time on pinterest, we've been experimenting with food lately.

Some of our latest concoctions:

Chickpea Mushroom Coconut Milk Curry.  It was good. Only drawback... I added too many red chilis. The recipe called for 2 but we'd made burritos earlier with 3 so I figured that 2 was really just going to not cut it, especially when cooked in coconut milk. Turns out I was wrong. We ended up adding sour cream into the mix to be able to eat it!

If I ever made it again, I would only use 2 chilis. Lesson learned. It's weird, the recipe used predominantly Indian spices but really was more Thai curry based in terms of flavour. Maybe it was the coconut milk? Not sure. But aside from the burn the tip of your tongue factor, it was good. I'd double the cilantro though to make it a bit more dense and savory in terms of flavour (cause apparently adding chilis isn't the solution).

Thai Cucumber Salad with Roasted Chickpeas. This was a hit! Totally tasty and to do again. The one drawback is that the chickpeas need to be pre-roasted for about 30-40 minutes at 400, not something that you really want to do on a hot day. It's not hard to do, just not hot weather friendly, which is ironic cause this is really the perfect hot weather salad. This is the recipe I used to roast the chickpeas, maybe another would require less heat/time?

Terriyaki Garlic Tofu Kebabs. Please forgive the blurry photo. Apparently I was too hungry when I took it and didn't hold still long enough! I marinated the tofu for several hours ahead of time because I like my tofu to have more flavour than can be absorbed in the suggested 20 minutes called for in the recipe. Paul barbequed them in the BBQ but ran out of propane before they were finished, so they weren't quite as crispy as they could have been. The rest will go into the toaster oven before we eat them. Overall they were good. People always wonder what a vegetarian can eat from the BBQ, aside from veggie burgers or grilled veggies (which I'm sorry, I can't stand... I'm so sick of grilled veggies I dread being served them).

There are infinite things that can be made for vegetarians. This week we've been experimenting up a storm, and it's only Wednesday. Best part of it? Much of it has cilantro in it and I think cilantro is the best, practically the nectar of the gods type of goodness. I don't know how I never ate this stuff growing up! So delicious.

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