Thursday, June 13, 2013

veggie recipe modification: middle eastern rice and beans

I've been on a try new things out, spicy food kick lately, so I went hunting for new recipes.

I found this recipe on Pinterest (yes, I have a pinterest addiction problem) and figured that it would be a super easy adjustment to make it veggie (lacto-ovo) friendly. Really, the only thing that needed to be modified was the broth. So I substituted my favourite vegan herbal broth for the chicken broth, and voila:

Yours truly makes her own vegetarian middle eastern rice and beans on naan. I meant to try my hand at making naan bread (high on my recent successful attempts at making tortillas) but the time got away from me and we just bought the naan instead.

It was really filling. We ate it with salad (you know, to get some veggies in) and both found it good but heavy. Really, we should be surprised given that it was bread, rice, and beans.

The one drawback? I think it could have been spicier. Given all the spices I added (not the Tex Mex featured above, that was for something else), you'd have expected it to be a little more savory. Next time I make it, I might add 2 broth cubes instead of just one (normally the herbal broth is very savory compared to your average veggie broth, which is why we use it). That said, it was yummy and there were enough leftovers for me to freeze 2 and 3 portions (in 2 containers) for when Bean arrives.

I would definitely make it again.

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