Sunday, June 30, 2013

we have a yard: summer can officially begin!

It's been a year since we moved into the new house and we're finally getting a back and front yard. While it's been great having a natural wonderland for the cat to explore, to see fireflies in, and host butterflies and bumblebees, I'm happy that I'll actually soon be able to venture out and relax in our backyard. (Don't worry, the fireflies are still going strong and have the back field).

The yard was done over 2 days. First day, tearing out the wild flower jungle and adding top soil (the dirt we have was very clay based and not great for growing anything other than weeds apparently).

Next, they unrolled the grass. There's something odd about the idea of unrolling grass, but there you have it. We debated doing seed because it seemed cheaper and more eco friendly, but in the end agreed that we'd go the more expensive route to ensure that the grass was good to go for next summer when the baby is toddling about. Besides, seeds require way more work in terms of watering and protecting the seeds from birds, something neither of us wanted to stress about this summer. We've got bigger things to deal with this year.

So now that we've got that done, we're going to sit back and relax. No major landscaping/decor ideas going into play this year. We still have to install the tub and potentially finish the basement this fall/winter. But who knows if that will happen right away. We'll see how life with baby treats us and if our priorities shift once he's here....

It's just going to be nice to be able to enjoy having a yard this summer. You know?

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