Wednesday, July 31, 2013

random fact about babies #2

It's not only appropriate to shit where you eat, it's encouraged.

I never thought I would write about poo on this blog, but there you have it, parenthood has reduced me to this!

Honestly, the irony is that new parents worrying about colicky, gassy babies will make an undue amount of congratulatory fussing over said endeavour, purely out of relief and hope that said baby will now be less finicky.

Or at least we did.

Since then, little Liam has pulled out all the stops and realized almost every lovely story you hear about babies and diaper changing. His parents have quickly learned to cover things up, work quickly, and in a tag team effort.

Who knew that these things would be such a production?

One day my son is probably going to kill me for this post!

Monday, July 29, 2013

random facts about babies #1

Delivery sucks. I'm awed by women who do it repeatedly. And I'm never doing it again (mind you, I was already convinced of this prior to giving birth, birth just confirmed it).

I had all these visions of doing my labour naturally, with as few interventions as possible. Unfortunately life had a different lesson in store for me. Isn't that just the way of things? Instead of going drug free, I was put on pitocin (an evil drug if there ever was one) almost immediately after I'd told the nurse my water had broken 12 hours earlier. (Yes, my water broke in a classic gusher in a movie kind of way.... not fun but a funny story for another time).

Sometimes it's a curse knowing a fair amount about labour/pregnancy because it puts you in the awkward position of trying to seek alternative options within a medical profession focused on crisis prevention. Instead of waiting things out, the medical model's attitude is to react proactively with interventions. So while I would have waited out my waters breaking and labour starting (which is safe for up to 48 hours provided you stay hydrated and take care of yourself), I had an appointment at the hospital the next morning which led me straight into the medical intervention model. I wanted to blow it off but felt like that was irresponsible, so I went. Trust me when I say I wish that I hadn't and had followed my instincts.

Why? Because the hospital has one priority: to avoid infection. Ironically however, your chances of infection go up in the hospital setting because of all the interventions. I tried to avoid being checked in but of course the reaction is to tell the mother to be that it's dangerous, you're risking the health of your child and that no, you can't go home.

The thing is, you can, but it's really hard to insist upon it because of the fear rhetoric they use (albeit out of concern and good intentions). So instead of doing things naturally, I was hooked up to tubes from the get go, monitored constantly, had an epidural and gave birth via forceps.

Thankfully, as much as I wanted the natural labour, I've seen/read enough about birth plans going awry that I'm not devastated by the drastic change in plans that unfolded. I didn't have the labour I expected but in the end, while I've decided that pitocin based labour sucks, it worked out the way it needed to work out and I have a beautiful (or stunning as Paul prefers) little boy. He's healthy and came out the way he needed to arrive in the world...

And drugged or not, the feeling of him coming out and being placed on my chest was one of the most amazing moments in my life. Truly, honestly, out of all the labour related memories I have, this is the memory that is the strongest: that last push, his first cry, and him being all scrunched up, frog like, on my chest. It still makes me teary eyed just thinking about it.

I blame the raging post partum hormones. Seriously, you have no idea what those hormones are doing to me....

Monday, July 15, 2013

still waiting

For those of you wondering, we're still playing the waiting game.

Honestly, at this point, I'm starting to get a bit stir crazy. It's fine that baby feels he needs some extra time, it's just that I don't quite know what to do with myself while he takes said extra time. We're all waiting: me, Paul, and my Mom.

And because I don't know when I'm going to go, I don't really want to start anything, you know? But I think I'm going to have to because otherwise I'm going to go a little bonkers with the waiting. As in, micro-managing every little twitch and pain, hyper analyzing them as potential signs of labour...

Now the question is: what should I do in these next few days? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

random pregnancy fact #280

Due dates are big fat lying jerks. Yup, that's right. I'm due today. Do you see a baby? Hells no!

Yes that is an L for the baby's name. No I won't tell you what it is. And no, it's not an absolute. The name might not suit him when he shows up & we reserve the right to change it as needed. Go ahead & guess. I won't deny or confirm a thing!

Ok, ok, I know that only about 2-5% of women actually give birth on their due dates, but a girl could hope, couldn't she?

Yeah, apparently not so much. The funny thing is, I sort of always assumed that I'd have a baby early because my Mom and my Aunt delivered their kids a month early. The irony in that is that I've never been a thing like my Mom when it comes to my fertility so I'm not quite sure why I assumed this. But I did. I never really thought I'd be one of those women waiting impatiently at the end, you know?

That said, there are good things about having the extra time. I've completed more baby projects, from caps to peg board storage above the change table:

Paul claims that with all these hats, our son is going to be the douchiest kid on the block, you know, all wannabe hipster. Ha, with his duck face iPhone shots, our son will be in good company.

Anyways, one last thought on due dates and the waiting game: I know you're all keen to meet the little one but trust me when I say, you'll know when he arrives. I'm a huge over-sharer, there's no way I'm going to keep this shit on the down low. The longest I'll be able to handle waiting before sharing the news is the courtesy time delays necessary to tell Grandma on the west coast and my brother and sister in law in England. Once they've received the news at an appropriate time (you know... say 7am ish), the rest of you will know. I promise. We all know that I won't be able to keep my mouth shut any longer than absolutely necessary...

Because due dates are jerks and I'm all about the instant gratification, the next (possibly) 2 weeks are going to be a real bitch!

Friday, July 5, 2013

random pregnancy fact # 275

Taking your iron supplements is very important, especially if you don't want to be reduced to this:

Turning into a sleeping cat pillow. Lately I feel like all I've been doing is sleeping. The main culprit, I suspect, is the fact that I'd stopped taking my iron pills because they were making me constipated (too much info, I know). Since then I've come to the rude awakening that baby is not only an invader, at this point in time he's also a huge energy leech and I need that extra iron in my diet. I can't rely on only getting it from my daily intake of food.

In fact, at one point last week I was taking 3 naps (at least an hour long each) a day, while also sleeping 10 to 11 hours a night. This is unheard of for me. Now that I'm back on my iron pills;, I'm back down to one nap a day and an 8 hour sleep. I also no longer feel like a comatose zombie, which is a huge plus in my books!

Of course this also means I no longer have any excuse for getting cleaning done before baby arrives. There always has to be a down side to things....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

one little word: story June 2013

This month was all about reflecting on how our word has been manifesting in our lives this year.

I did this as my page:

The idea was totally scraplifted from this page. I might have overdone it, but that's pretty typical of me when I start playing with stamps!

Inside the cards, I wrote about my reflections on the prompts.




Goals for the rest of the year:

It was a fun prompt and a nice check in point for the midway mark. I don't know how much reflection I'll be doing over the next few months even though there will be plenty of story to tell...

Project Life: Album One

Now that we're in July, I've officially moved into my second album of the year. But not before finishing off the details of the first:

Cover page:

I actually used a picture from the spring, taken by Paul's brother Tom, because it's rare that I have pictures of the 2 of us together, taken by someone else (instead of a cell phone selfie). Normally I do the cover page at the beginning of the year, but this year I procrastinated (I think in part because I was just sleeping so much in January).

And then there's the end page:

One thing that was nice about waiting to do the cover page is the fact that I managed to tie in the 2 vs 3 elements, which I wouldn't have done had I made the cover page in January. And I figured that I'd really embrace where we are at the moment: waiting for the big change which will fill album 2 of the year.

A friend once pointed out to me that if I do an album, much less 2, I'll be overwhelmed by albums in the long run. She's right, I will be but on the other hand, I always loved flipping through photo albums growing up. Hopefully this is something that I'll share with our son. If not, I'll flip through them alone. It's amazing to me how much I forget in a year and I love how much these albums remind me of!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

project life: june 2013

I've done more blogging recently than I have in a while, so I think that most of these stories have been shared. But here's what I did for the month of June in my Project Life album:

First week:

Paul ordered a new golf bag and waited for it (very impatiently even though it took less than a week). We bought cloth diapers. Got fun mail. Good stuff.

Also up this week, my coworkers threw me a baby shower, it was super sweet of them:

There are more pictures that were taken and I think I'll turn them into a scrapbook page later.

Week 2:

Most of this week was about finishing work, Kevin's graduation, and Paul's family golf tournament.

Oh, and we also celebrated father's day:

All in all, busy but quiet at the same time. I was anxious to finish work at that point...

 Week 3:

Officially started vacation time and I got busy finishing up baby related projects!

Also tried to slow down a bit and take it easy after my body taught me a few brutal lessons in accepting month 9 of pregnancy with a little more gentleness!

Week 4:

I think this week was all about food, friends, and our new yard. We tried a lot of new recipes and finally finished off our yard. It's nice to feel like the house is more finished and settled now. I never realized that a yard would make such a difference, but it does. 

Also, I finished up some crafty projects from the month of June:

I've been working on my One Little Word project and a daily gratitude journal. Both of which are projects I love because they bring more mindfulness into my daily life!

And that's it for June. Half of the year is done and now we're in July. And July is going to be a big month for us! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

slowing things down?

You know, I thought that once I started my maternity leave, I'd be busy with a ton of things and the time would fly.

Oddly enough, I feel like things have really slowed down on my end instead.

The cat is pleased with the current arrangements as it means she has a warm body to curl up to most days. She is however, not so impressed by my need to take pictures of the funny positions she crawls into to by, but not on my belly.

With just over 1 week to go to my due date, I have to admit to finding it hard to be so slow and lethargic most days. I know that I should enjoy my quiet time but I'm a bit of a type "A" personality so it's not the easiest of endeavours.

Ironically, I say I'm taking it slow but we've been busy nonetheless. On Tuesday I went for lunch then we had friends over after dinner. On Thursday I met up with another friend and on Saturday Paul and I purchased and planted the greenery in our front yard before his cousin stopped by. Sunday we had a dinner guest. So really, as you can see, my type A personality is fretting about taking things slow because I'm not getting the cleaning and prep stuff done that I wanted to do before baby arrives, but I'm still probably doing more than I should at this point, which is likely why I'm sleeping so much these days.

Oh well, only a little while longer and I'll be bemoaning my lack of sleep!


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