Wednesday, July 3, 2013

project life: june 2013

I've done more blogging recently than I have in a while, so I think that most of these stories have been shared. But here's what I did for the month of June in my Project Life album:

First week:

Paul ordered a new golf bag and waited for it (very impatiently even though it took less than a week). We bought cloth diapers. Got fun mail. Good stuff.

Also up this week, my coworkers threw me a baby shower, it was super sweet of them:

There are more pictures that were taken and I think I'll turn them into a scrapbook page later.

Week 2:

Most of this week was about finishing work, Kevin's graduation, and Paul's family golf tournament.

Oh, and we also celebrated father's day:

All in all, busy but quiet at the same time. I was anxious to finish work at that point...

 Week 3:

Officially started vacation time and I got busy finishing up baby related projects!

Also tried to slow down a bit and take it easy after my body taught me a few brutal lessons in accepting month 9 of pregnancy with a little more gentleness!

Week 4:

I think this week was all about food, friends, and our new yard. We tried a lot of new recipes and finally finished off our yard. It's nice to feel like the house is more finished and settled now. I never realized that a yard would make such a difference, but it does. 

Also, I finished up some crafty projects from the month of June:

I've been working on my One Little Word project and a daily gratitude journal. Both of which are projects I love because they bring more mindfulness into my daily life!

And that's it for June. Half of the year is done and now we're in July. And July is going to be a big month for us! 

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