Tuesday, July 2, 2013

slowing things down?

You know, I thought that once I started my maternity leave, I'd be busy with a ton of things and the time would fly.

Oddly enough, I feel like things have really slowed down on my end instead.

The cat is pleased with the current arrangements as it means she has a warm body to curl up to most days. She is however, not so impressed by my need to take pictures of the funny positions she crawls into to by, but not on my belly.

With just over 1 week to go to my due date, I have to admit to finding it hard to be so slow and lethargic most days. I know that I should enjoy my quiet time but I'm a bit of a type "A" personality so it's not the easiest of endeavours.

Ironically, I say I'm taking it slow but we've been busy nonetheless. On Tuesday I went for lunch then we had friends over after dinner. On Thursday I met up with another friend and on Saturday Paul and I purchased and planted the greenery in our front yard before his cousin stopped by. Sunday we had a dinner guest. So really, as you can see, my type A personality is fretting about taking things slow because I'm not getting the cleaning and prep stuff done that I wanted to do before baby arrives, but I'm still probably doing more than I should at this point, which is likely why I'm sleeping so much these days.

Oh well, only a little while longer and I'll be bemoaning my lack of sleep!

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