Friday, August 30, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

things I hate about breastfeeding

Let me just say, before I begin... I am incredibly grateful that I can breast feed and have been blessed with enough supply etc to be able to do so with relative ease.

That said, here's the shit that sucks about breast feeding:

1. Boob leakage. Yeah. My boobs leak. As in whenever they want so I have to walk around with boob pads or else I end up with big wet circles on my shirts. Or worse, a wet spot on the bed because I was so tired after feeding in the middle of the night that I forgot to put the pads back on....

2. Having to get up in the wee hours of the morning, stumble around and feed a squalling infant. Enough said.

3. Blocked ducts. That's right, not only do your boobs have ducts, they get backed up so you have to massage that shit (milk) out. And it ain't pleasant. Oh no. And it's messy (at least for me) because it means letting milk dribble out until you get the lump out and free. Which for me usually means, yay, spray!

 4. Porn star boobs that are good for nothing. As in don't even think about touching them. They hurt and they're liable to leak! These girls have a mind of their own people and I'm not responsible for what they might do.

5. Speaking of porn star boobs: engorged breasts. As in, so full of milk they ache. But you don't want to pump it out because that might mean you'll make more milk, which only compounds the problem.

All in all, good times I tell you!

Friday, August 23, 2013

random baby fact

What. The. Hell?

This is my son's new post breast feeding sleep position:

Aside from looking redonkulous, it looks ridiculoulously uncomfortable. Don't agree... here it is from another angle:

Even his facial expression screams discomfort:

Added to that... it's really uncomfortable to try to hold him while he's in this position AND he wants his back to be patted the entire time. In fact, every time I stopped to try to get these photos, he started squawking.

Hello princess.... I'm just saying....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

random baby facts

I just spilled yogurt on my baby's head. Should I lick it up or wait to find a washcloth. These are my life dilemmas these days.

I think the moral of this story is that I really shouldn't eat over the baby while he's sleeping. On the other hand, I might not ever eat again while home alone if I didn't... While that might help with the post partum weight loss, I'm not sure it's much of a plan.

Sorry Liam, looks like I'm going to be "kissing" your head a lot over the next few months...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

finding time for creativity

Slowly but surely, piece by piece, I'm sneaking time in to get some scrapbooking done again! I've been trying to catch up with my Project Life album for the month of July and I'm currently working on a series of pages for a course focused on story-telling in scrapbooking.

First up: Creating a story using math

I wanted to talk about how I hummed and hawed about becoming a parent for a long time because I was so scared of losing myself to motherhood. I feel like the story didn't really come out the way I'd have liked it to, but then again, I was running out of space on the page. Ultimately I just wanted to capture the moment when I realized that I didn't have to lose myself to motherhood, I could redefine my/our adventures to include a child and still have grand adventures.

Next: a philosophy of life in 6 words

Yeah, it's not my favourite layout but honestly the fact that it got done was a miracle in and of itself. And it's true to how I feel. Honestly life is better when we take the time to remember all the things we have to be grateful for instead of focusing on the negative or what is missing. I feel that we are often as a culture too focused on the negative so I'm trying to remember to take time to be thankful.

Some days I do better than others!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

saturdays are the best

Really, truly the best because Paul is home and he and Liam get to spend quality bonding time together:

This might sound totally wrong to write but I love it when they nap together. It gives me some alone down time. One of the things I'm finding the hardest is the fact that I'm always on as Mama. Don't get me wrong, when Paul is home he's great but I'm always home with him. 

To be honest, it leaves me a bit raw and doesn't always bring out the best in me.  I'm someone who needs a fair amount of alone time and always being Mama doesn't make this all that easy to attain. We're working on it, with him taking naps with the wee one and me starting to pump milk so that he can do a feeding from time to time. But seriously, I don't know how so many women do this every day, day in and out, for years on end. 

I love my son but I'm not cut out to be a stay at home mom. 

4 weeks in and I'm happiest when I get out or people come over so that I feel connected to the world again. Next up, me getting out on my own. I'm also looking into exercise with baby types of courses. I may even dare to take my mother in law up on offers of short baby sitting stints so that I can take a yoga course alone when he's old enough/she knows him better. I have to tell you that the thought of an hour and a half + travel time sounds like bliss at the moment.

We'll see how it goes. For now Saturdays rock. I'm just saying. It's a start.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growing bigger

So my baby is moving out of the newborn stage.  In fact, we used the last newborn diaper and most of his newborn clothing is getting too snug.

How crazy is that?

I mean I knew it would happen but still....

Then again, he's almost a month now.

Other new developments: he makes squeaky noises.  It's weird and funny.  I call him squeaky monkey.  And his cries have evolved and vary now.  They say you learn to recognize the cries over time but I call bull shit. You don't learn to recognize the cries, the baby learns new cries. I swear that the variety of baby cries evolves with baby as he learns to vocalize more.

But that's just me, what do I know? I'm no baby doctor.....

Friday, August 9, 2013

liam: 3 weeks

So for friends and family near and far who want to be in the know about our little man, here's what the 3 week mark looks around here:

He weighs 10.5 lbs (up from his original 8.8lbs birth weight). It's funny, we've spent a lot of time wondering if he's eating too much, or enough, but now we know the answer... he's got the food thing covered. In fact, we're starting to put the newborn clothing away (or stretching our last wears out of them). I can't believe he's growing out of his first clothing size. I know it happens fast but it's a bit bittersweet. He's growing his baby fat and growing like a weed and yet, because I see him daily, the only way I see it is through his clothing.

Just look at how my baby has grown:

Actually, speaking of Liam's eating habits, I've been trying to watch for hunger vs reflux cues to make sure he's not suffering from reflux. Everyone says you can't overfeed a breastfed baby, but little Liam's ravenous appetite has left us wondering a bit, especially since he seems to want to eat to ease gassiness. Now that we've crossed the 3 week mark (growth spurt), I'm starting to suspect part of the constant desire to eat was related to the gain. Hoping that things will ease up a bit now. We'll see.

That said, all of the colicky gassiness led to us introducing the pacifier a lot sooner than we (I) expected to do because I read somewhere that the pacifier can help babies work through gassy bellies. He's not crazy about the pacifier but he accepts it with a bit of prodding. We're working on it. Fingers crossed he's not one of those babies who just don't ever accept the pacifier!

We've seen our first diaper rash and explosive poop (my dining room will never be the same). I'll leave it at that.

Other things that are changing...

Sleep patterns.  We're working on a balance between co-sleeping and using the crib (mostly because Mama gets more sleep when we co-sleep). He's way more alert these days after eating. This means that we get to interact with a lot more these days. It's nice because it gives us more a sense of what things will be like as he becomes more dynamic. Especially because he's starting to follow us more with his eyes and react more to the sounds of our voices.

 Speaking of voices, Liam has started cooing and making some baby noises. They're pretty rare still but I think that makes them all the more adorable. On the other hand, the rise of noises also seems to be paired with the fact that he makes a way more noise when he eats now (he grunts like a piglet) and makes way more noise when he sleeps. But the cooing is cute and makes you feel like he's trying to communicate, so I'll take the trade off! That, paired with some of his rather priceless facial expressions.... (I can never get photos of them, sorry).

And last but not least:

For those of you worried about how Mayla is adapting, rest assured that she's starting to come around. She's actually pretty cute at night because when Liam starts crying, she comes to check that everything is ok. Once she realizes it's him, she leaves again, but still.... it's progress!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

things I learned from TV

Ok, make that thing... but things looks better as a title!

Did you know that if you run a line of dots (or just a thin line) of liquid mascara along the bottom of your eyelash line you can make your lashes look WAY thicker?

You did?

Hmmm.... well I didn't and since I have long but sparse lashes, this was something that I immediately needed to try out for myself. 

I'm already wearing a light coat of mascara on both eyes (ok, let's be honest... I have leftover mascara on from the day before). I swear that the only thing that is different on the eye on the left is the thin line of liquid eye liner I added to the upper lash line.

I don't know about you, but I think the impact is hugely different. And I think I like it.

Who knew you could learn so much from a daytime talk show....

Monday, August 5, 2013

bringing the home back into homemade cakes

Some husbands get birthday cakes that look like this:

Image Source
My husband, on the other hand, gets a cake that looks like this:

I call it my homage to home made... I'm putting the home back into home made. Some days my efforts at the home made work better than others. Today's endeavour might be a bit lopsided but it's made from scratch and with love. Better yet, it's his favourite: chocolate. And as requested, had a white chocolate filling (this part was an experiment that, while tasty, doesn't help with the overall aesthetics of the cake). But like I said, it was made with love!

That counts doesn't it?

I've decided that it does! Besides, in the age of super mom, I think it's time to reclaim the earnest, home made cake again. I didn't grow up with crazy fondant cake confections, even though my Mom was more than capable of creating them, and I'm pretty sure that neither Paul, nor Liam will be seeing many elaborate cakes in their future.

But there will be cake, oh yes, there will be lopsided, made with love, cake concoctions!

Happy Birthday sweetie! Here's to many more years of homemade goodies celebrating our life together!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

my night owl

Unlike his Mama, and a bit his Daddy, my son is not a morning person:

 It's a blurry picture, but it gives you an idea of some of the great facial expressions he pulls as he wakes up. In fact, he's not an instant wake up kind of guy... it takes him about 10 to 20 minutes to wake up.

There are several stretches and contortions involved in this process, with him inevitably deciding to go back to sleep a few times before committing to the day.

I wish that I could catch all the great expressions he makes as he wakes because they're pretty damn priceless.

I know, I'm biased and I obviously need to find more sources of entertainment!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

chalkboard paint spice jars

Before Liam was born I started working on small, manageable projects to pass the time while we all waited. One of them was painting the lids to our spice containers:

It took a few coats to get the plastic tops covered:

The reason I wanted to cover the top is because of how we store our spices in the "new" house. We used to have stickers identifying the spices, which works when you're looking at the jar, but now that we have a spice drawer, we only see the tops of the bottles, which makes it a pain in the butt to find the right spice.

I know, "rich girl" problems...

So this is what I've done to help me out:

It's not actually chalk, cause that would wipe off and drive me crazy...

But here's what it'll look like in the drawer. As you can see, it's way more practical. 

Now to finish labeling them all and alphabetizing them. Yes, I am that type A... I enjoy having things in alphabetical order. I love organizing the most random things; spices included!


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