Monday, August 5, 2013

bringing the home back into homemade cakes

Some husbands get birthday cakes that look like this:

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My husband, on the other hand, gets a cake that looks like this:

I call it my homage to home made... I'm putting the home back into home made. Some days my efforts at the home made work better than others. Today's endeavour might be a bit lopsided but it's made from scratch and with love. Better yet, it's his favourite: chocolate. And as requested, had a white chocolate filling (this part was an experiment that, while tasty, doesn't help with the overall aesthetics of the cake). But like I said, it was made with love!

That counts doesn't it?

I've decided that it does! Besides, in the age of super mom, I think it's time to reclaim the earnest, home made cake again. I didn't grow up with crazy fondant cake confections, even though my Mom was more than capable of creating them, and I'm pretty sure that neither Paul, nor Liam will be seeing many elaborate cakes in their future.

But there will be cake, oh yes, there will be lopsided, made with love, cake concoctions!

Happy Birthday sweetie! Here's to many more years of homemade goodies celebrating our life together!

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