Wednesday, August 21, 2013

finding time for creativity

Slowly but surely, piece by piece, I'm sneaking time in to get some scrapbooking done again! I've been trying to catch up with my Project Life album for the month of July and I'm currently working on a series of pages for a course focused on story-telling in scrapbooking.

First up: Creating a story using math

I wanted to talk about how I hummed and hawed about becoming a parent for a long time because I was so scared of losing myself to motherhood. I feel like the story didn't really come out the way I'd have liked it to, but then again, I was running out of space on the page. Ultimately I just wanted to capture the moment when I realized that I didn't have to lose myself to motherhood, I could redefine my/our adventures to include a child and still have grand adventures.

Next: a philosophy of life in 6 words

Yeah, it's not my favourite layout but honestly the fact that it got done was a miracle in and of itself. And it's true to how I feel. Honestly life is better when we take the time to remember all the things we have to be grateful for instead of focusing on the negative or what is missing. I feel that we are often as a culture too focused on the negative so I'm trying to remember to take time to be thankful.

Some days I do better than others!

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