Friday, August 9, 2013

liam: 3 weeks

So for friends and family near and far who want to be in the know about our little man, here's what the 3 week mark looks around here:

He weighs 10.5 lbs (up from his original 8.8lbs birth weight). It's funny, we've spent a lot of time wondering if he's eating too much, or enough, but now we know the answer... he's got the food thing covered. In fact, we're starting to put the newborn clothing away (or stretching our last wears out of them). I can't believe he's growing out of his first clothing size. I know it happens fast but it's a bit bittersweet. He's growing his baby fat and growing like a weed and yet, because I see him daily, the only way I see it is through his clothing.

Just look at how my baby has grown:

Actually, speaking of Liam's eating habits, I've been trying to watch for hunger vs reflux cues to make sure he's not suffering from reflux. Everyone says you can't overfeed a breastfed baby, but little Liam's ravenous appetite has left us wondering a bit, especially since he seems to want to eat to ease gassiness. Now that we've crossed the 3 week mark (growth spurt), I'm starting to suspect part of the constant desire to eat was related to the gain. Hoping that things will ease up a bit now. We'll see.

That said, all of the colicky gassiness led to us introducing the pacifier a lot sooner than we (I) expected to do because I read somewhere that the pacifier can help babies work through gassy bellies. He's not crazy about the pacifier but he accepts it with a bit of prodding. We're working on it. Fingers crossed he's not one of those babies who just don't ever accept the pacifier!

We've seen our first diaper rash and explosive poop (my dining room will never be the same). I'll leave it at that.

Other things that are changing...

Sleep patterns.  We're working on a balance between co-sleeping and using the crib (mostly because Mama gets more sleep when we co-sleep). He's way more alert these days after eating. This means that we get to interact with a lot more these days. It's nice because it gives us more a sense of what things will be like as he becomes more dynamic. Especially because he's starting to follow us more with his eyes and react more to the sounds of our voices.

 Speaking of voices, Liam has started cooing and making some baby noises. They're pretty rare still but I think that makes them all the more adorable. On the other hand, the rise of noises also seems to be paired with the fact that he makes a way more noise when he eats now (he grunts like a piglet) and makes way more noise when he sleeps. But the cooing is cute and makes you feel like he's trying to communicate, so I'll take the trade off! That, paired with some of his rather priceless facial expressions.... (I can never get photos of them, sorry).

And last but not least:

For those of you worried about how Mayla is adapting, rest assured that she's starting to come around. She's actually pretty cute at night because when Liam starts crying, she comes to check that everything is ok. Once she realizes it's him, she leaves again, but still.... it's progress!

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