Tuesday, August 20, 2013

saturdays are the best

Really, truly the best because Paul is home and he and Liam get to spend quality bonding time together:

This might sound totally wrong to write but I love it when they nap together. It gives me some alone down time. One of the things I'm finding the hardest is the fact that I'm always on as Mama. Don't get me wrong, when Paul is home he's great but I'm always home with him. 

To be honest, it leaves me a bit raw and doesn't always bring out the best in me.  I'm someone who needs a fair amount of alone time and always being Mama doesn't make this all that easy to attain. We're working on it, with him taking naps with the wee one and me starting to pump milk so that he can do a feeding from time to time. But seriously, I don't know how so many women do this every day, day in and out, for years on end. 

I love my son but I'm not cut out to be a stay at home mom. 

4 weeks in and I'm happiest when I get out or people come over so that I feel connected to the world again. Next up, me getting out on my own. I'm also looking into exercise with baby types of courses. I may even dare to take my mother in law up on offers of short baby sitting stints so that I can take a yoga course alone when he's old enough/she knows him better. I have to tell you that the thought of an hour and a half + travel time sounds like bliss at the moment.

We'll see how it goes. For now Saturdays rock. I'm just saying. It's a start.

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