Wednesday, September 4, 2013

hello story: scrapbooking stories

I mentioned before that I signed up for a scrapbooking course with Ali Edwards that focuses on telling stories in scrapbooking. I wrote about the first page I did, using "math", over here.

Next up: using maps

I opted to tell the story of all the homes and roommates I've had. Suffice to say, my west coast adventures fill up one page. I need another one for my Quebec days (possibly more). Given that I've had 19 roommates and lived in 16 places since leaving my parents' home, it's not surprising!

I actually kind of loved this prompt. There's so much that I can do with it. And it's a story that I would never have thought to tell but is integral to my life and very unique to me in comparison to Paul. Whenever I tell people from Paul's world that I've had so many roommates and lived in so many different homes, they are surprised. The irony of it is, the 19 doesn't even include the times I've moved back in with the same person.

I love all the things that I can do with this prompt, from documenting the cities where I've lived and the jobs I had while living there, to the people I've lived with, the adventures we had together, and the things I learned from those people. I think I could fill an entire album based on this prompt. And I think it might be the project I spend the next little while working on, post course, when doing more traditional pages.

Another unique aspect to this page was the intentionality with which I considered subject and structure. I had 3 cities I wanted to mention in my BC page: Nanaimo, Victoria, and Vancouver (though I mentioned Whistler in the Vancouver section). So I knew I wanted a way to find a clean balance between the image and stories. It was a fun challenge.

I can't wait to play around with it more. I still have my Montreal page sitting on my crafting table. I want to create a flow from one page to the next, without completely mimicking the layout of the previous page. Given that I have 8 locations to talk about on that page... it's going to be a challenge indeed!

I dig it!

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