Tuesday, September 17, 2013

project life: august

Week One (actually kind of two because part of week one is in the July post):

Liam moved out of his newborn clothing so I kept one of the outfits he wore in the hospital. I know Paul will hate this choice because it's circles, but whatever, we have good pictures of  him in it!

 We had a fair amount of visits and I finally ventured out on my own for a walk with Liam.

 We even ventured out to a BBQ party with Liam.

Week Two:

This week I downloaded the digital Seafoam Project Life kit. I like that it has a lot more in the way of journaling cards. As much as I like the Midnight kit, I've found it hard to journal with it because I didn't buy the journaling cards (didn't love them cause I don't really like the houndstooth pattern).

I was sick early in the week but have since recovered. We had a lot of visits again. Starting to see that evening visits aren't necessarily a good choice for Liam right now. He gets over stimulated and we tend to have rough nights as a result. Need to think about scaling them back. But otherwise... our baby is growing. That's the news...

Week Three:

V came over,with lunch. I was amazed by her baby savvy. Not because I didn't expect it, but because most of my friends don't have kids so are a bit uncomfortable with holding a baby or diving right in there. I love watching people figure it out and I love even more watching people who are comfortable. I sure as hell wasn't when he was put in my arms!

Also, started exercising this week. I'm back down to my original pre-baby weight and want to lose more of the weight, slowly but surely, while I'm off this year. I know I have to be careful about it though because losing too much weight will affect my milk supply.

Week Four:

I downloaded a freebie "Today's News" (my bad, I didn't store the link) so that I could start documenting the big news stories of the week. I feel like this is something that I've been a bit lackadaisical about doing and hope to change starting now. I also added ephemera from daily life: the invite to our block party (no photos cause I felt like it might be invasive) and a postcard from Sean and Rebecca (we received it earlier but I'm just getting around to adding it). It's actually in a separate pocket, as you can see below:

Also trying to keep track of visits and random Liam info.

There's 2 blank slots saved for a photo of Paul, Liam and I.

But just so my album doesn't turn into the Book of Liam, I've added a little info from our daily life like Paul's experiments in cooking and my attempts at getting back into blogging/crafting.

And that's it for August. Welcome September and living a more balanced life with Liam, Paul, crafting, and various stuff in between.

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