Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project Life: July

Yeah. July and August have been a bit of a blur and I'm only getting around to posting this now...

Week One:

I feel like we spent all of the year waiting for July. So when I got to it in the album, it felt momentous and yet a bit anti-climatic because we were still waiting!

In true Marya fashion, since I was still waiting I filled my time with new projects like my peg board change table thing a ma jig. What else should I call it? Not really sure so thing a ma jig it is!

Everything we did sort of felt like the last for a while. Last swim, last brunch...

Week Two:

More waiting. Liam was due this week but he took his time. Totally normal, most first babies are late. But it was hot and I was huge, so it was a hard wait. I filled the time by crocheting hats that Paul thinks are wannabe hipster. But whatever. They kept me busy and sane during the wait.

Mom arrived and we made dryer balls out of some old wool from her stash:

The goal behind them is to help with drying times for the cloth diapers. Apparently the all in ones that we bought take a long time to dry, so hopefully the wool balls will help with our hydro bills!

Week Three:

Finally! I was getting unbelievably huge (as you can see in the top right picture). I've already written all about his birth, so I'll leave it at that. Looking back though at these pictures and seeing how small his is (bottom left photo especially), fills me with awe. My little man has grown a lot since his arrival!

I have a lot of pictures from this week....

Milk coma face, celebrating his arrival.

 Birth story, first family visits...

Week Four:

More family visits. Skype time with Sean and Rebecca, meeting his cousins. Pictures with the Grandmas. It was a quiet week but a busy week. Mom left, Paul and I settled into life with Liam.

Week Five:

Paul went back to work. I survived my first week alone as a mother. The boys came to visit again, this time with Val. Love how excited they are about him! It's adorable. We took Liam to the physiotherapist to check out his neck. He has a slight tilt to the right that the doctor wanted us to look at sooner than later because of his forcep birth. The physiotherapist says he looks good but we have a few exercises to help loosen up a tight muscle/nerve on the right side.

And that's it. July done. It took me until mid August to get these pages finished. Crafting is never going to be the same now that I have a little one underfoot. But I'll adapt. Crafting and creative time are important to me and my mental health, so I'll find the time.

Funny though, all this time that I spend nurturing creativity in my life is still somewhat of a new thing. If you'd asked me 5 years ago what my hobbies were, I'd have said reading... Now I have so many hobbies it boggles my mind. And I can't imagine life without them or without creative endeavours. How on earth did I feel sane before bringing creativity into my daily life?

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