Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In the neighborhood

Inevitably the first time that anyone comes to visit us, one of the first comments they make is that it's so far.

They're right of course. It is far from the downtown core.

But yesterday, as I ran errands in my local village (quartier, I was reminded once again why we chose this area.

I bought coffee from a local café, in bulk and had it ground for me, just the way you like to imagine coffee being sold.  I bought bagels made by a local bagel shop and they held the door for me as I left.  I like that both purchases supported a local economy and community.  I like that I feel connected to my corner of the world when I do this. 

When Paul and I contemplated moving to the suburbs, I had 2 conditions:  I needed to be by the water and I wanted to be able to have a small commercial Asta nearby so that we could go for coffee or brunch.  I love that we managed to get both. 

Picture is from the coffeeshop's Facebook page.

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