Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Liam's Catholic Baptism

On Sunday we had Liam baptized in the church we got married in 4 years ago. The priest, upon seeing us, actually asked "I married you two didn't I?" I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that we're memorable (he marries a lot of couples)...

Baptism People (godparents, priest, our little family) Photo taken by my brother in law Tom.
Liam was an absolute star. Honestly, ever since he's mastered the art of rolling over, his personality has just become amazing. He is just the sweetest, smiling baby these days. He laughs and loves looking at people.

But enough Mama gushing...

I had mixed feelings about the baptism. Anyone who really knows me, knows this was to be expected for several reasons. But that said, Father Paul always makes me feel better about the compromise I am making. He reminds me that in the end, Catholicism at it's heart is about love and kindness, not keeping up with the Joneses or judging. He brings back the laughter and lightness into a faith that I have long since abandoned because it became steeped in negativity and intolerance for me. This is not to say that I'm about to go rushing back to the fold any time soon... I have my own beliefs and they are still at odds with a lot of the core tenets of the Catholic faith. But it is nice to be reminded that good Christians are good people and that a Christian community can be a place that can bring out the best in people when nurtured positively.

So all that said...

Liam was baptised. And it was a lovely day. I don't have many pictures of my own because I was trying to be actively engaged in it. As a scrapbooker/photographer it's easy to end up being behind the lens instead of in the moment, which is something I really don't want to have happen during my son's life. So instead, I'll just do my best to rely on the photos of others to document such events.

We went out for lunch afterwards to a local Tibetan restaurant, Tibetan Om. I think it went over well. As always, the food was delicious and the service great. This was potentially a controversial choice as many of our guests weren't familiar with Tibetan/Indian cuisine, but Paul and I wanted something that reflected us and was different than the traditions we both grew up with, which are very different from one another already. As always, we are trying to find a middle ground that reflects our relationship together. This isn't always easy to do because we grew up in very different traditions, but I think that we managed to find a happy medium in the end.

Another photo courtesy of Tom. Liam in his little white outfit, chewing off Sophie's ear
More importantly, I realize that I may just be an emotional Mama for my son's events. Paul made a small thank you speech and I nearly started crying. I'm just a weepy kind of Mama I guess. Watching my son's rites of passage is something that just brings out the squishy in me. What can I say? I want so much for my little man to know love and so when I witness the love that surrounds him and us with him, it just fills me with happiness for him. I hope that he always knows how truly blessed he is in his life.

And I hope that we always manage to find a middle ground that honours where we both come from while creating a new set of family traditions for our family.

ps... if you have pictures you'd care to share with me, I'd be happy to have them!

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