Friday, December 20, 2013

diy Christmas cards

A while back, I did a Stampin' Up class with Claudine and learned to make these gift card holders that I immediately thought would be perfect, if adapted, for my holiday cards this year.

And we ended up with the cutest holiday photo of Liam from our Magenta photo shoot..

I just love it when I good plan comes together!

Materials used:

Red cardstock : cut into 10 & 5/8  x 3.5 inch strips
Kraft cardstock : larger round punch
White cardstock : smaller round punch
Washi tape
2 round punches (one bigger than the other)
foam tree stickers
Stampin' Up envelope tool

I folded the paper at the 2 inch mark for the bottom and 7 1/8 mark for the top flap.
Punched slots into the bottom flap to hold the top portion.
Wrapped washi tape around the front and back of the bottom in order to create a pocket
Added washi tape to the top only before layering with the circles and tree sticker.

Pretty simple really.

Here's what it looks like on the inside:

The best part of the card is really the photo inside. Hopefully most of those receiving cards from us this year will have received them by the time this post goes live. If not, well here's the sneak peak of what you're getting. If you didn't get a card, please don't be offended. We only did so many, and generally sent them out to immediate family or people who sent us cards last year. We didn't want to start card exchanges with people who might have felt burdened to send one back if they got one...

Card giving politics can get tricky, you know?

Regardless of whether you got/get one, we wish you a happy holiday season!

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