Thursday, December 5, 2013

diy odor eaters: pinterest hack

So I found these diy odor eaters for the diaper pail on pinterest and thought I'd give them a go. As a cloth diapering Mama I want to keep things as eco as possible so these definitely fit the bill.

Liam supervised my endeavours (demanding a lunch break... for him, not me in the midst of it)

I used:

2 cups distilled water (I had it on hand from soap making adventures)
3 cups of baking soda (which I have in abundance as you can see ... I'm an eco cleaner and baking soda is my cleaning bestie)
Random amount of drops of Zen Sparks Natural essential oil (it poured faster than expected)

I didn't expect the essential oil to be blue! I suppose it was the blue tansy?

Then I poured them into the silicone molds I have on hand. So skulls, pumpkins and flowers (extra went into muffin tin!

And then I left them to dry for way too many hours. They took forever to dry and honestly, I actually mucked them trying to take them out after about 3 days so I dampened them again and tried drying them again.

All in all about half of the tablets worked. They work in the room to some extent. But I think in the end, I would just take the baking powder, put it into a container, sprinkle the essential oil, and let it be as is in the container. The drying process wasn't worth it.

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