Monday, December 9, 2013

joys of motherhood: shit they don't tell you beforehand


It'll creep into your life and spread like an insidious virus, crawling into all the nooks and crannies of your world until you won't even remember what it felt like to not laugh most of the day.

That's right. Your baby will make you laugh and fill you with a sense of general contentedness that you might have never expected.

WTF, right?

I know. Who ever thought that goobery mouths and squirmy babies would make you catch yourself with the thought "Man, I laugh a lot more these days than I ever used to before baby came into my life."

Especially as you get past the newborn stage. And sleep deprivation either becomes the new norm or lessens (depending on said baby's mood that night).

Oh, there'll be mommy guilt and frustrations and resentments aplenty. But there will also be this crazy sense of just general well being that spreads to fill your days. And oddly enough, even though I'm more tired and feel like I have less "me" time, I'm laughing so much more in my life and my days are filled with so much joy.

So yeah, the shitty diapers, crying, and all that jazz... totally worth it.

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