Tuesday, December 10, 2013

pinterest hack: chai concentrate

I love me some good chai and I'll admit it, I'm quite picky about my chai. Most commercial tea companies who make chai do a piss poor job of it. I'm just saying. They overload on the cinnamon and drown out the other flavours, notably the cardamom.

just a few of the spices involved
That said, I've been eyeing up chai concentrates for a while now. When I found this chai concentrate recipe, it seemed like a delicious mix. And while it is by no means a substitute for the chai I drank in India, it's a pretty good take.

I think in the future, I'd cut a bit of the sugar from the recipe, or recommend a different concentrate/milk ratio. I find the half/half mix a bit too sweet for my liking. And I love sweet, so it's sweet!

In the end, I did a 2/3 concentrate, 2/3 milk, 1/3 water. I don't know if it's the ideal mix cause it waters it down a bit too much. So I will play with the sugar in the beginning next time. She says you can cut the honey, but honestly it adds a nice depth so I think I'll keep it and just reduce the sugar by a bit.

Overall though, it's a win. Yay, I love it when my pinterest finds work out. I think that next time though, I'll can it because it only lasts for a week in the fridge (apparently) and well... I missed that part of the instructions and might have made too much to possibly drink in a week.

Live and learn...

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