Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Copied Blogging Voices

Lately I've been noticing a few crafty blogs that are leaning heavily on the styles of other, more popular crafty blogs and I have to say I'm finding it kind of annoying.

I get that their style has worked and so you want to copy the winning model.  But I guess I'm searching for a little more originality. Those blogs work because they have found their own voice, you know? Their blogs reflect who they are and borrowing their style will only get you so fast. 

But maybe I'm wrong.  I'm not exactly I big draw reader wise and I'm OK with that. .. I find the more I know people are reading the more I filter. ... But maybe I should be copying others.  You know, so that my voice and thoughts mirror someone else's and the Internet becomes a uniformed medium. ..

I'm not going to name names but yeah. ... When your photo style, post titles,  and general content could be on the other person's blog, I'd say you've gone too far and missed the point.  Copying is only flattering to a point. 

Just saying. ...

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