Thursday, January 2, 2014

finished photo collage: our ying/yang marriage

I just love it when Paul's and my personalities combine to do good work.

What am I rambling on about you ask?

Well I've (we've) had this project in mind for our house for over a year now: hanging family photos in our staircase. We've finally completed said project (with a few changes). It only took about a year and a half to get done, but it's done!

What makes this project (oh yeah, it's in our dining room not our staircase... I said there were some changes)... anyways, what makes this project the perfect blend of our best (or most anal) selves is this: I went through the pictures in great detail, looking for symmetry in stories and styles while Paul took the time to measure everything and make sure that all the pictures were equi-distance from one another, aligned at the top and the bottom.

If he'd done the photos, they would have been a hodge podge collection. If I'd hung them, they'd have eyeballed and hung with thumbtacks.

Together, they have theme and balance. I think this is pretty representative of our lives together as a whole. Paul takes care of the details that I just wing, and I'm all about the communicating story and meaning that he's happy to just play by ear. Sometimes we switch roles, but as a rule, it's pretty spot on.

Well done us. We're so ying/yang!

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