Tuesday, January 14, 2014

homemade dijon mustard

One of my goals these days is to eat more real food and less processed food, in other words, spend some time making homemade versions of foods that are laden with chemicals and unnecessary preservatives.

So I tried my hand at making homemade dijon mustard. It's pretty easy.

Here's what I used:

2 cups white wine
1 onion
2 huge cloves of garlic (4 normal cloves)

1 cup mustard powder
2 tbsp honey

I mixed the first 3 ingredients and let them simmer in a pot for about 10 mins. Then I strained the wine through a thin colander to remove the solids. Next, I mixed the powder and honey into the wine mixture.

That's it.  I'm not quite sure what it is in the mix but it's got quite the kick to it!

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