Thursday, February 20, 2014

project life: february (the first half)

February feels like it's been a quiet month so far as I've spent most of it in the house. First Liam was sick, then teething. Then I had my operation and recovery. So yeah, lots of time staring at my walls (not literally, don't worry).

I've been super lucky to have both Katie and V over to help me during my recovery. Yay for friends who are willing to bounce your son to sleep! Poor Paul was on bouncing overload I think.

In the past 2 weeks Liam has perfected the art of sitting on his own and has cut 4 teeth. Yeah. Life has been fun with him teething but I shouldn't complain as he's generally a good sport in the grand scheme of things. The worst part of the teething is that it mucks with his sleep and makes him whiny for parts of the day. Even then, he's still all smiles when you distract him. He really is a sweet tempered kid.

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