Tuesday, February 18, 2014

project life updates: january

It's been a while since I've shared my Project Life album. Partially because I had to catch up on a couple weeks (it's much harder to stay up to date with a little one underfoot), and partially because I just wasn't in the blogging mood. It happens.

Here's a little of what life has looked like since I last updated:

Breadmaking, birthdays, eating new solids, making dijon. I was in a big try new food recipes kick during the early weeks of January.

Knit circle, football,and getting outside some. We're trying to remember to get out with Liam, even in the winter, which doesn't come naturally for me. As we approached the 6 month mark, we really noticed a big shift in Liam's personality. He's so dynamic now. It rocks!

22lbs and 18inches. Our little man has grown almost 10 inches since birth and gained 14lbs. How crazy is that?

Making cards. Moving into his big boy car seat. Superbowl. Getting ready for Mark and Katie's wedding. Visits with Mati (Grandma). And surprise. My surgery was scheduled and it was quick!

That's pretty much what life has been looking like around here lately.

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