Thursday, March 27, 2014

Liam's life, lately

A little of what life is looking like these days over here:

Liam is pretty much into everything these days. Life as we know it has changed. We watched him take his first crawling steps and within 24 hours he was proving me wrong in the assumption that our house was pretty baby friendly.

He is starting to participate in story time. Usually that means trying to eat or smack the book, but sometimes he digs the pictures.

Or his mama:

Or the textures in his book

We went out, sans baby, to see Sugar Sammy.  Fun!

Meanwhile, back at home our babysitters were trying to teach our son to walk. Gah,what's wrong with them? Don't they know how much trouble walking is going to create? Nope, they don't have kids of their own. Just wait... karma is a bitch!

Did I mention that Liam is crawling, which means he's now pulling up on everything! Crawling is just the gateway to walking, then talking, then fully expressed attitude.

He's pretty into his cousins these days. For the first time he's actually starting to watch them and interact with them. It's sweet.

He also cuddles now. It's totally awesome. And he loves slippers. Like crazy loves them. You want him to crawl for you? Throw a slipper in his line of vision.

 Other fun facts:

He now wakes up and immediately pulls himself up in the crib. It's cute in the morning. It's not so cute at 4am.

Ordered these leggings through my mom's co-op and seriously, could their butts be any cuter?

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