Monday, April 7, 2014

consignment stationery anyone?

Random update. I was contacted via my etsy shop about selling my stationery on a consignment basis in an Ottawa based shop.

It was nice to be approached with the offer, now I need to decide whether or not I want to give it a go. I would make less money selling them in the shop than I do online, but then again, it means that I might get more sales in my online shop and wouldn't have to ship individually. While I love making stationery for others, I'm not crazy about the shipping aspect of it. Though Etsy has made it easier by creating a built in shipping app, which rocks cause now I can print labels from home and drop the parcel in the mail box.

The deal with the shop would be a trial period of 60 days so it's not a huge commitment and if the items don't sell, they ship them back to me and I could just sell them in the online shop. I think that I'm leaning towards a yes as I think it might be a fun venture!

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