Saturday, April 19, 2014

Liam @ 9months

I think that when I thought about having a baby, this is the age that I imagined. He's just so exactly at that stage of babyhood that I anticipated and I love it.

half scrunched stink face
He's just amazing, sleep issues aside, at this age. He's so inquisitive and despite that meaning that he's into everything, it's just awesome to watch him learn his world. Every little thing fascinates him now. From the texture of his food to the staircase bannister.

He's starting to express his distaste, displeasure and downright anger at things. He pulls this scrunched up stink face that is actually pretty cute. He has a fake cry when he wants attention and a giggle when he is totally amused by something. He makes this noise that sounds like he's saying "heeeyyyy" and it's the funniest thing.

playing on his own
He started swimming and seems to like the water, particularly splashing Mama. He's super strong and if he wants to go somewhere it's hard to pull him away. He loves cords and opening the cupboards. He chatters as he goes up the stairs. He plays with his feet while breastfeeding and reaches up to be picked up.

If you look at him and smile (and he knows you), he smiles back. He snuggles and lays his head down when he's tired.

All the things that seemed like big milestones a month ago are old hat now (rolling over, sitting upright, going from sitting to the floor/crawl, etc). And he's just growing/developing in leaps and bounds now. It's crazy. And fascinating/amazing.

A month ago Paul and I watched him take his first crawling steps. The other day I saw his first butt wiggle dance move. It was awesome. I love seeing how his personality is unfolding.

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