Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Current Health Goals

So now that I'm back to work and not at home (read constantly surrounded by food temptations), it's time to get by butt in gear and lose some weight.

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I know, I know. I've talked about this before. And I'm not going to talk about it at length here except to say that I'm setting the following goals (and declaring them publicly so that I have to hold myself accountable to them):

  1. Get out to yoga at least once a week. I recently made use of this groupon for Moksha Laval. I've gone once this week and am headed back at least 1 to 2 times more, yoga burn permitting. 
  2. Cut my sugar and junk food intake. This killed me while I was at home. Especially while Liam wasn't sleeping. I'm actually doing one of those weight drink thingies to help out with it. I never thought I would but hell, I figure I need all the help I can get these days to curb my sugar addiction!
  3. And because I'm using their product, I'm going to blog about it. Cause that's what I do. Blog a lot and share too much of my life. But it's also a way to share about the weight issue/health goals without overtaking this blog (which is supposed to be mostly about creativity). If you're interested, the info is here: PlexusQuebec.
  4. Get out of the office at lunch and go for walks. Or the gym. This year I'm reclaiming the noon lunch hour so I can partake in work fitness programs. Think I'm going to instagram my walks from time to time (cause you know I'm a little compulsive about the documenting). If you're curious it'll be here: lotustreecrafts
  5. To lose 10% of my weight over the next few months. (Yeah, I'm good with overall fitness too but I need to lose a few lbs, minimally). One of my friends in a mom's group made this her goal and I like the idea of it. I tried to do it with my friend Karen in July, but honestly, Liam's sleep was crap so I totally failed. So I'm back on the wagon. 10% club here I come. 

So yeah. That's that. I'm trying to get healthier. I'm tired of complaining about my health so it's time for a change. 


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