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I admit it, I'm always a little daunted by the prospects of an "about me" page, but it's one of the first pages I visit on blogs that I am about to start following so I obviously think it's important to know something about the person you're reading!

So what can I tell you about me? Here are a few random (but long-winded fact about yours truly)

I've traveled to India by myself and it was amazing. I dream of going back often. In fact, now that I'm married I am often divided between the idea of returning to India or having a child. So far, India is winning...

I'm an avid book worm with a MA in Literature, will read just about anything from Harry Potter to vampire romance novels to high literature (though don't offer me any crime or country and western novels, blech... but pretty much anything else goes). And yet, I hate reviewing books (though I will do it from time to time) even though I have a LOT of opinions about everything that I read.

I read a lot of novels from India. And I can talk on and on and on about them, their cultural significance and what writing in English might mean for an Indian author/literary culture. See above for clarification!

I love the idea of cultural capitol and pride myself on having a fairly decent amount of it!

I can be a bit of a snob sometimes, which is particularly ironic since I swear like a gutter pig and am one of the first members on both sides of my family to have a graduate degree (and one of the few with a bachelor's degree)

I like to craft and will pick up a multitude of projects at any given time. My crafting cycles so far seem to follow a binge/purge pattern, with me obsessing over one particular form of crafting at length and then leaving it to the wayside once I'm tired of it (completed or not). One of my friends calls this crafting ADD and I'm very guilty of it.

I have an amazing husband who wholeheatedly supports my creative endeavours, as long as they stay in my craft room and offers me advice and feedback whenever I request it. Anything and everything you purchase from me has been vetted by my husband and sometimes my brother too!

 I'm originally from the west coast of Canada but have been in Montreal since 2001. I love both areas of Canada and couldn't imagine living anywhere else in this country.

I speak French passably well (enough to fool native Quebecois that I might have actually grown up here as an English Montrealer).

I love bright colours but tend to dress in black. I also have a shopping problem...

That said, I hate how consummeristic our culture is and am trying my best to curtail my shopping habits (so far it's not going well).

I'm a raging lefty, so don't get me started on politics unless you're prepared for a rant about all that is wrong in our country/world.

I'm a vegetarian and have been for over 17 years (even before it was trendy). I love seeing how much more accessible the vegetarian diet is becoming in mainstream culture but if I hear another "woe is you because you don't eat meat" comment I might literally blow up! I don't miss it and I don't regret it, and I actually feel the same pity for meat eaters for eating meat as they tend to feel for me "missing out" but have the common decency to keep my mouth shut about it (see... I told you that I like to rant).

Lately I'm pretty obsessed with creativity, community and spirituality. How they fit together, how they nurture each other, and how to foster your own community that embodies creativity and spirituality in positive ways.

Thanks for joining me on the journey. Even though I know it can be daunting to leave a comment for someone you don't know, I would love to hear from you and know that you've visited.

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